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US History 1301 Instructor Peter Hacker Suggested Study Terms for Midterm I P a l e o - I n d i a n s J e s u i t s Courier du bois Royal African Co. Hernan Cortez Dessert Tradition Jamestown The Crusades Anasazi Indentured Servants The Great Awakening Treaty of Paris 1763 Mayans French-Indian War The Black Death Columbian Exchange Aztecs City upon the Hill Opechancanough Mercantilism King Phillip/Metacomet General George Braddock Mound Builders Woodlands Culture Navigation Acts Bering Strait/Land Bridge Coffles Mackrons Roanoke Leif Ericson Middle Passage Algonquins Bacon’s Rebellion Iroquois Halfway Covenant Muskegean Headright System Plains Indians
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Unformatted text preview: Squanto British East India Company Jesuits Salutary Neglect Francisco Coronado Sam de Champlain John Rolfe Joint-stock company Juan Ponce de Leon John Smith John Cabot Pocohontas Line of Demarcation Powhattan Treaty of Tordesillas Sir Walter Raleigh London Company Sir Edwin Sandys Queen Elizabeth I Massachussetts Bay Co. King Henry VIII Plymouth Colony Prince Henry the Navigator Roger Williams Renaissance Anne Hutchinson John Calvin Gen. James Oglethorpe House of Burgess William Bradford Lord Baltimore/Calvert Feudalism John Winthrop Sir Francis Drake William Penn Price Revolution Quakers Northwest Passage...
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