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STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST #3 - FINAL EXAM 1. Know Sternberg’s components of love, how they combine to create different styles of love, and how they change over time in romantic relationships . o Passion -- physiological desire o Intimacy -- sharing thoughts and actions o Commitment -- willingness to stay through bad times Liking : intimacy with no commitment or passion Infatuation : passion with no intimacy or commitment Empty love : commitment with no passion or intimacy Romantic love : passion and intimacy, no commitment Fatuous love : passion and commitment, no intimacy Companionate love : intimacy, commitment, no passion Consummate love : all three components present 2. Know about the biochemical theory of love, the attachment theory of love, and Sternberg’s theory of love. Be able to describe them and know their components. o Biochemical: a intense attraction to a person triggers PEA to be released into the body. Over time the response decreases. In some cases endorphins are releases, and causes calmness and contentment. o Attachment: Our relationships that we had with our parents or whomever, impact our relationships in the future. o Sternberg’s: 3. What does the research on attachment style and later love relationships tell us? - How do different attachment styles influence our love relationships? 4. What are the gender differences in love and romance? o Men tend to: focus more on physical attractiveness focus more on passion believe in love at first sight believe love is magical and impossible to understand believe love is either present or not be less motivated to work on a relationship o Women tend to: approach relationships w/ more caution be more pragmatic about relationships
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focus on financial security as important
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