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1 1 Biological Sciences 120L General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution 2 Staff • Instructors – Suzanne Edmands Eric Webb Regina Wetzer • Lab Director – Pam Lum • Teaching Assistants • Supplementary Instruction (SI) Leaders – Diana Ciontea, TJ Florence, Taylor Moore, Matt Pollard 3 Logistics • Textbooks – BISC 120L Lab Manual • Course Website https://blackboard. usc .edu/ • Labs – Start after Labor Day – Section changes must be done on OASIS 4 Grading (1000 pts total) • Midterm 1 Lecture Exam 100 pts • Midterm 2 Lecture Exam 100 pts • Midterm 3 Lecture Exam 100 pts • Quizzes (12, drop 2 lowest) 100 pts • Final Lecture Exam 300 pts • Lab Reports and Exams 300 pts 5 Some unsolicited advice • Read the book before class • Manage your time carefully • Get to know your TA and SI leaders • Come to office hours • Check Blackboard regularly • Attend class! 6 Scope of this Course • Evolution Why do many antibiotics no longer work? Is modern human behavior a product of past evolutionary history? • Diversity How have modern molecular techniques revolutionized out view of biodiversity? – Are we in the midst of the 6th mass extinction? • Ecology How are humans affecting our own life support systems? How does the ocean control climate change?
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2 7 “Nothing in biology makes sense except In the light of evolution” -Theodosius Dobzhansky, 1973 8 Lecture 1: Patterns of Inheritance • Chapter 14 9 Gregor Mendel • Austrian Monk • Lived 1822-1884 • Developed laws of
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1_Inheritance - Staff Instructors Logistics Textbooks...

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