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Products & Markets 06 November 2017 · Simon G. J. Devos, M.A., M.A.
Agenda 1. Product Lifecycle 2. Ansoff Matrix 3. Boston Consulting Group Matrix
Product Lifecycle Products move through a predetermined pattern of development . Products move through a cycle which consists of different stages . Baines et al (2014) p. 312
Product Lifecycle The majority of products have a finite period during which the management needs to maximize their returns on the investment made. Baines et al (2014) p. 313
Product Lifecycle Møller, C. (2016)
Product Lifecycle: Market Introduction Product/service has only just been offered No revenue or profit Potential customers have very little knowledge of the product and have to be activated Successful entry depends on first movers! Møller, C. (2016)
Product Lifecycle: Growth Potential customers rely on innovaters who have laready purchased your product Customers have some knowledge of your offering Customers start comparing prices Møller, C. (2016)
Product Lifecycle: Maturity Many products and services fail in the transition to this stage and never mature Focus on value creation and competitive advantages, not market share Increased price competition Møller, C. (2016)