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Text Pages 178-184 The Prosecutorial System o Prosecuting Attorney: A legal representative of the state with sole responsibility for bringing criminal charges. In some states this person is referred to as the district attorney, state’s attorney, or county attorney. o Make discretionary decisions about whether to pursue criminal charges, which charges to make, and what sentence to recommend. o United States Attorney: Officials responsible for the prosecution of crimes that violate the laws of the United States. Appointed by the president and assigned to a US district court jurisdiction. o Prosecute federal cases. o One US attorney and a staff of assistant US attorneys prosecute cases in each of the 94 US district courts. o State Attorney General: Chief legal officer of a state, responsible for both civil and criminal matters. Politics and Prosecution o In all states except Connecticut and New Jersey, prosecutors are elected, usually for a four-year term. o Prosecutors’ discretionary power can create the impression that some group’s individuals receive harsher treatment while others receive protection. Prosecutor’s Influence o From arrest to final disposition of a case, prosecutors can make decisions that will largely determine the defendant’s fate. o The prosecutor chooses the cases to be prosecuted, selects the charges to be brought, recommends the bail amount, approves agreements with the defendant, and urges the judge to impose a particular sentence. o Prosecutors gain additional power from the fact that their decisions and actions are hidden from public view. Prosecutor’s Role
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Soc131-Lect_16 - Text Pages 178-184 The Prosecutorial...

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