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Text: Pages 146-155 Policing: Issues and Trends Issues in Patrolling o Assignment of Patrol Personnel o The assignment of officers is based on factors such as crime statistics, 911 calls, degree of urbanization, pressures from business and community groups, ethnic composition, and socioeconomic conditions. o Preventive Patrol: Has long been thought to help deter crime. Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment: A 15 beat area was divided into three sections, each with similar crime rates, population characteristics, income levels, and numbers to call the police. In one area, labeled “reactive,” all preventive patrol was withdrawn and the police only entered in response to citizens’ calls for service. In another section labeled “proactive,” preventive patrol was raised as much as four times the normal level, The third section was used as a control. After observing the three sections for a year, the researchers concluded that the changed in patrol strategies had no major effects on the amount of crime reported, the amount of crime as measured by citizen surveys, or citizens’ fear of crime. Neither a decrease nor an increase in patrol activity had any apparent effect on crime. Hot Spots: In the past, patrols were organized by “beats.” It was assumed that crime can happen anywhere, and the entire beat must be patrolled at all times and places. Directed Patrol: A proactive form of patrolling that directs resources to known high-crime areas. o However, the extra police pressure may simply cause lawbreakers to move to another neighborhood. Rapid Response Time:
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Soc131-Lect13 - Text: Pages 146-155 Policing: Issues and...

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