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HDFS 362 - Assignment 1 - HDFS 362 Assignment 1 For this...

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HDFS 362 Assignment 1 For this assignment, I have chosen to discuss how many children are being raised without siblings and what impact it has on the child. Nowadays big families aren’t the norm, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average family size in 2004 was 3.14 people ( http://factfinder.census.gov ). I chose this as an important social condition mainly because it directly affects me! I am an only child, and back in 1984 when I was born, large families were still a big thing. I think this is a very important social condition not only because it affects me, but because as we go further into the 20 th century, more and more couples are stopping after having only one child, and large families are truly becoming a rarity. If you try to visualize an only child in to Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, the picture would end up looking almost exactly like it does in our text book. Bronfenbrenner’s theory starts with the microsystems, and the child smack in the middle. In the microsystems, the things that affect the child’s development are the activities and relationships with others; within that child’s immediate environment (Lecture 5). This part of Bronfenbrenner’s theory is crucial to that child’s development, and whether or not the child will be able to fully develop, or if there will be some unhealthy activities or relationships that directly affect the child’s development. More times than not, with an only child, the microsystems will be very small, since they have no brothers or sisters, and these days a nuclear family is much more common. The second part of the Ecological Systems Theory is the mesosystem. Bronfenbrenner discusses how this part of the system is the part that links together and forms relationships with two or more of a person’s immediate social setting and an example of this could be shown when 1
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a child is playing on a school sports team. The sports team then becomes another one of the child’s microsystems. Then, the parents of the child attend some of the games, the easiest way to explain this part of Bronfenbrenner’s theory is as shown; 1 microsystem + 1 microsystem = the
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HDFS 362 - Assignment 1 - HDFS 362 Assignment 1 For this...

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