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Assignment 2 - Assignment 2 For this assignment I chose an...

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Assignment 2 For this assignment I chose an article titled Comparing the Health Status of Low- Income Children in and out of Foster Care . In this journal article, Dr. Robin L. Hansen, Dr. Mary B. Metcalf, Dr. Nancy R. Joye, Fatema Lakhani Mawjee, and Dr. Keith Barton (2004) have tried to answer the question; do children living in foster care have more health and developmental problems than Medicaid-eligible children living with their parents? Children in foster care face many problems, (health, emotional, developmental) but are they because of the child being placed in foster care and taken away from their families? Or are these problems already present before foster care, and just seem to be more noticeable? In order for the researchers to start their correlational/cross-sectional study, they needed participants. They took a random section of the children in Sacramento County, California that were placed into foster care during the time of the study. Then from those children, they continually narrowed their search down by selecting the children that were seen in court on pre-selected days (Tuesdays and Thursdays). They ended up with 226 total children for their foster care sample. 116 of those children were males, and 110 of the children were female. 69 of the children selected for the study of foster care children were African-American, 109 were White, 33 were Hispanic/Latino, and only 3 were classified as “other.” The Medicaid-eligible children were chosen from the Child Protection Center Department of Pediatrics and the Paper Media claims forms of the Medicaid-eligible children not in foster care that were seen from August of 1998 to February of 1999. Of the 264 children that were chosen from the Medicaid-eligible 1
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group, 126 of those children were male, and 139 of them were female. Of the 264
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Assignment 2 - Assignment 2 For this assignment I chose an...

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