Assignment 3

Assignment 3 - For the last assignment for HDFS, I chose to...

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For the last assignment for HDFS, I chose to interview “Jan,” a 71 year old, retired mother of three and grandmother to 6. I started out the interview by asking Jan how her functional age compares to her chronological age. Jan told me that she doesn’t feel like she’s aged much past 40, but she’s really 71 years old. She attributes this to “staying young at heart” and never thinking that she’s “old.” She didn’t assume she’d live to her current age, especially because cancer is a threat in her family. She had lost her mother before her 62 nd birthday and two of her siblings to cancer already. When I asked Jan when she thought midlife “ends” and old age “begins,” she told me that she believed she was “old” when she turned 40, but now she would consider the “end” of midlife to be about 50 years old, “because people live into their 90’s and further – so it’s about half way.” Jan named one advantage of later adulthood to be retiring. She also loves spending time with her grandchildren. A disadvantage of later adulthood is that you start losing your parents, siblings, and friends to illness and old age if you haven’t already. After reading the chapters on older adulthood, I immediately thought of Jan when I read, “the longer people live, the longer they are likely to live. An American woman who survives to age 65 can expect t reach age 84, and a man can expect to reach 81 (p.610). Jan reported the only physical changes she’s experienced since her 40’s were menopause, arthritis, and having a knee replacement. All three of her ailments are really age-related, all women go through menopause at some point, many people report arthritis as they get older, and her knee
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Assignment 3 - For the last assignment for HDFS, I chose to...

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