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According to the HDFS 363 textbook, adolescence is a socially constructed period because before the 20 th century, there was no concept of adolescence. Nowadays, there are so many different “milestones” that mark a child turning to adolescence; it would be hard to try to think of how it would have been before. My participant Laura , believes that the most fun aspect of being an adolescent is not being a “little kid” anymore, but not really having to take care of yourself either. She explained how it was easy to get things that you wanted or needed by just asking your parents, rather than having to work a real job to pay for things she needs. She then went on to describe the most difficult aspect of being an adolescent as having to deal with her parents. She explained that they “just don’t understand her and what she’s going through sometimes.” Lastly, Laura describes both the most fun and most difficult aspect of being an adolescent as having a driver’s license. She says that it’s fun because you have this new freedom,
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