Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - For this assignment, I interviewed Jack, a...

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For this assignment, I interviewed Jack , a 21 year old, University of Wisconsin-Madison student. The first time that Jack thought of himself as an adult was the summer after his high school graduation. He explained to me that it was a very transitional summer for him because he didn’t really have to answer to his parents as much, but he needed to be able to make “good choices” also. Making good choices was also what Jack described as the most difficult part of making the transition from adolescence to adulthood. An example that Jack gave me was when he’d want to go out at night. He knew that he had to be at work by 7 am, and it took him a while to really figure out that he wasn’t able to stay out partying until 3 am and still function properly at work the next day. He said he knew deep down inside that it was a bad idea to stay out that late, but without his parents constantly hounding him about coming home, or the risk of a punishment from them, it was hard to say no sometimes. When I asked Jack how old he felt today, he responded with “about 21,” which is the same as his actual age. I then asked Jack if he feels any social pressure to try and look younger than his actual age, Jack told me that it is exactly the opposite for him and he’s always tried to look older than his age “because no girl wants to date a guy that looks like he’s 16,” and also (until he turned 21), he needed to look older “so he didn’t get carded when he went out with his older friends.” Jack thinks that a person becomes “middle aged” around 45-50 years old, and a person becomes “old” after about 70 years old. Two physical changes that Jack has noticed since he’s turned 21 is his ability to gain weight easier than when he was in high school. Jack also noticed that his hearing is declining, and that he
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Assignment 2 - For this assignment, I interviewed Jack, a...

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