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Web Activity 4 For web activity 4, the representative I chose is Tammy Baldwin, a democrat, representing district 2 in Wisconsin. The two issues I chose for this activity are Tammy Baldwin’s Interest Group Ratings for abortion issues, and for animal rights and wildlife issues. I chose these two issues because they are something that I am interested in, but also there is a lot of information about. The first group I’ve chosen is abortion issues, and more specifically, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood believes in the reproductive rights of all people as individuals, and not basing any opinions on one’s income, race, martial status, ethnicity, sexual preferences, age, national origin, or residence. They try to provide the best services possible, for the least amount of money possible, and they also are very big on respecting one’s right to privacy. They believe that by being open minded and letting people make their own reproductive decisions without any judgment, people will make
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