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Web Activity 1 After taking web activity one, I was very surprised that I was labeled a “Centrist.” I was also very surprised that my score for personal issues and my score for economic issues were exactly the same! I had always thought of myself as a bit more conservative, but after reading the definition the activity gave for being a “Centrist,” I can easily see why that would apply to me. I think one of the main reasons my scores for personal and economic issues were so similar is, like the definition of a centrist says, I am ‘very open minded on many
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Unformatted text preview: political issues’. I think that many more people these days are, mainly because they have to be. The Democratic and Republican parties overlap so much these days, they really only have one or two major issues they differ on. I think that this test asked very good questions. I don’t think right now I can think of any that would have made it better, but I’m sure there are. I really think it covered all of the major issues though (abortion, war, etc. . .)....
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