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Megan Barlow March 6, 2005 Sociology 210 TA: Matt Nichter Discussion Section 302 Question: How would school vouchers help or hurt our education systems? o Liberalism Resurgent: a Response to the Right, Myth: Vouchers will improve our Schools, Fact: Vouchers will stratify our schools by quality, income, race, and religion. This is an alternate view to the proposition of school vouchers. o Tedin, K. L., & Weiher, G. R. (2004). Racial/Ethnic diversity and academic quality as components of school choice. The Journal of Politics, 66 (4), 1109- 1133. This article explains one of the common critiques of school vouchers, the increasing of racial and ethnic segregation. Tedin and Weiher examined the relationship between school preference and actual school choice. o Bulman, R. C. (2004). School-choice stories: The role of culture.
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Unformatted text preview: Sociological Inquiry, 74 (4), 492-519. This is an article that uses data from interviews with parents of ninth-grade students from Public, Private, Catholic, and Christian high schools in two different suburbs. o Howell, W. G. (2004). Dynamic selection effects in means-tested, urban school voucher programs. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 23 (2), 225-250. This is an article explains the New York City voucher program by comparing students who initially used the school vouchers, those who declined them, and those who remained in private schools, and the students who eventually returned to public schools. o Ferraiolo, K., Hess, F., Maranto, R., & Milliman, S. (2004). Teachers' attitudes and the success of school choice. Policy Studies Journal, 32 (2), 209-224. This article examines how some teachers view the school choice option and what impact they have....
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