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SOCU 301Social Research Design Exercise 5.2NAME : Jessica McNamara Simple Random Sample To complete this exercise, you’ll need to have read about simple random sampling and how to use a table of random numbers (Babbie, pp. 220-222). Visit the website. In the box titled “Popular Names by Birth Year,” enter the year 1900, and select the Top 100 names, then click Go. You will see lists of the 100 most popular male and female names from people born in 1900. From each of those two lists, select a simple random sample of five names, using the random number table as instructed on pages 220-222. Then describe the steps you took to create your samples.
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Unformatted text preview:2. Guy 3. Sam 4. Harold 5. Michael B. SAMPLE OF FEMALES' NAMES SELECTED : 1. Ida 2. Nancy 3. Catherine 4. Mildred 5. Ruby C. Describe what you did to generate these samples. To select 5 random numbers from 001 to 100 I looked for the left most 3 digits of the numbers to give all numbers an equal chance. I started in column 2 row 5 and moved down the column respectively. If the 3 digits were above 100 I selected only the last 2 digits. Thus my first number based on Appendix B was 22930, by selecting the last 3 digits I was given 930 and since 930 is about 100 I chose 30. The same was done for the following numbers to which I ended up with this sample set: 30, 99, 34, 20, 51 for each male and female name samples.