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ANATOMY 328 Unit 1 Sample Exam 1. The head of the individual indicated by the arrow has been sectioned using a __ plane. a) horizontal/transverse b) coronal/frontal c) sagittal 2. Choose the INCORRECT matching of lay terms and anatomical terms: a) shoulder -- olecranon region b) forearm -- antebrachial region c) back of neck -- nuchal region d) big toe -- hallus e) hip -- coxa 3 and 4. With the body in the anatomical position, the metacarpal of the index finger is (3) to the metacarpal of the ring finger. The metacarpal of the index finger is also (4) to the phalanges of the index finger. a) proximal b) medial c) caudal d) lateral e) distal 5. An individual is burned severely, with both epithelial and dermal layers of the skin being completely destroyed. Skin grafting is necessary in such cases. This is classified as a _____ degree burn. a) first b) second c) third 6 and 7. Select the correct cellular organelle, from the column at the right. 6. This organelle is associated with determining a) Golgi apparatus or maintaining cell shape b) lysosomes c ) m i c r o t u b u l e s d ) c i l i a 7. This organelle would be prominent in cells that e) mitochondria function to destroy foreign particulate matter. 8. How many of these statements are CORRECT ? -Epithelial tissues are composed of a sheet or sheets of cells. -Epithelial cells are characterized by numerous junctional complexes. -Sweat glands are a derivative of epithelial tissue. -Epithelial cells are capable of regeneration/cell division a) 0 (none) are correct b) 1 statement is correct c) 2 d) 3 e) 4 (all) of the statements are correct
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9. Which sketch of epithelium matches the following description? This type of epithelial tissue lines the esophagus and parts of the oral cavity. 10. The major components of dense connective tissue are collagen fibers and fibroblasts. a) yes b) no 11 and 12. Match the CORRECT connective tissue cell type with the description. 11. An antihistamine preparation would be expected a) adipose cells to have its greatest effect on: b) mast cells c ) m a c r o p h a g e s 12. ________synthesize or modify the composition of the d) fibroblasts extracellular matrix of loose areolar connective tissue. 13. Langer’s lines/cleavage lines may be important in the planning of incisions. They result from the specific orientation of collagen fibers in the reticular layer of the dermis. This layer is located _______ to the papillary layer of the dermis. a) deep
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SampleExam1 - Unit 1 Sample Exam 1 The head of the...

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