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Anatomy 328 Second Unit Practice Exam Spring 2007 1. Which of these is NOT part of the central nervous system? A. spinal cord B. brainstem C. corpus callosum D. dorsal root ganglion E. hypothalamus 2. Which of these statements about the figure is CORRECT ? A. This is a bipolar neuron. B. “B” is a node of Ranvier. C. “E” is where the action potential begins. D. “F” was formed by a Schwann cell. E. “H” is an astrocyte. 3. Select the INCORRECT statement about synapses. A. They can be excitatory or inhibitory. B. Neurotransmitter is packaged in synaptic vesicles. C. An excitatory synapse causes the postsynaptic cell’s membrane to depolarize. D. The neuromuscular junction is a synapse. E. At synapses between two neurons, the presynaptic axon terminal always makes contact with the dendrite/s of the postsynaptic cell. 4. Select the CORRECT statement about action potentials. A. The resting axon has more positive charges on the outside of the membrane than on the inside of the membrane. B. Unmyelinated axons in the PNS are slower because they have no association with Schwann cells. C. An action potential may not reach the axon terminal if it isn’t strong enough. D. An action potential begins at the axon collateral. 5. Which of the cells below is paired INCORRECTLY with its function? A. astrocytes---form tunnels for blood vessels in the CNS B. unipolar neurons---sensory neurons C. satellite cells---surround cell bodies in ganglia D. microglia---line the ventricles of the CNS 6. Select the INCORRECT statement concerning the spinal cord. A. The filum terminale is an extension of pia mater off the inferior end of the spinal cord. B. The cervical and lumbar enlargements exist because it these levels of the spinal cord contain more neurons for innervating the upper and lower limbs. C. The spinal cord ends at the S 1 vertebral level. D. The spinal cord is surrounded by dura mater, arachnoid and pia mater. E. Like the brain, the spinal cord is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).
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Use the figure below to answer questions 7 and 8. 7. Select the CORRECT statement. A. The region labeled A contains axons carrying information about pain. B. The region labeled F contains cell bodies of sensory neurons. C. Cell bodies of visceromotor neurons are located in the structure labeled H. D. Cell bodies in the area labeled E innervate skeletal muscle. 8. Which description of the labeled structures on the figure is INCORRECT ? A.
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SampleExam2 - )FSC diulf lanipsorberec yb dednuorrus si...

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