Media Assignment - 1 Some of the dramatic language used in...

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1. Some of the dramatic language used in the fictional article was “the crime rate skyrocketed, “ “this is especially alarming, ” “Madison students are out-of-control ,” and “City police officials declined to comment on the epidemic . . . ” When reports use dramatic language like this, small things can come out as large things, or not mean remotely what it intends to mean at all. In the same fictional article, the writer talks about not only the “percent in violent crimes doubling” but also a “mere 4% increase.” Neither one of these percentages really tells the reader all that much about what is really happening. I know that if I go to a store, and they tell me I can save 4% by filling out a survey or opening a credit card, I’m not going to waste my time. Also, when they talk about doubling, what is the number that is doubling? If it’s a low number like 2% and it’s doubling to 4%, that’s not that great of a jump, but if it were, say 25% to a 50% increase, that’s a bit of a bigger deal. Another problem in the fictional article is that of comparing two places of vastly different sizes. This can easily be linked to the small groups problem too. In the article, the reporter compares crime in Madison, WI to crime in Minneapolis, MN. The difference in size in those two cities is pretty big, much like the examples Jim always gives in class, about comparing some small, middle of nowhere town like Arena, WI to some huge city like LA. One or two crimes in a population as small as Arena would turn out a huge crime rate, but that same number in a city like LA would barely make anyone think twice, or maybe they would because they’d think you were kidding. The article also uses the Hmong population in comparison to UW-Madison students. I’m not sure exactly how many Hmong people are in Wisconsin, but I’m sure the campus population heavily outweighs them.
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2. Another problem seen in this article is that of the time of the year the “study” was done. The article uses the 3
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Media Assignment - 1 Some of the dramatic language used in...

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