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Smith Sam Smith Professor Otto English 1301 6-17-2007 Exceeding Expectations What person does not enjoy music? Certainly different people enjoy multifarious genres and styles and to varying extents. However, I might say that my own interest in music is conceivably more zealous than that of the average person. When I was just a young child, my mother, a music major in college, taught me piano lessons nearly every day. This persisted until I began playing the saxophone in sixth grade and became very fervent about the genre of jazz. However this mild obsession was quickly ended when I set my musical focus aside my freshman year of high school so that I might better be able to pursue my athletic interests. However, I soon realized the futility of this action, and thus took up the guitar so that I might revitalize my musical pursuits. I began by teaching myself the basics of the instrument and then had an older friend teach me lessons regarding theory and technique. Any time that I would become frustrated or tired of playing the guitar, I would go to my church youth group on Wednesday nights and watch with amazement as the professional musicians would capture the audience with their astonishing musical abilities and their passion for worship. This was my inspiration for the next couple of years. Then one day during church, the exceptional head worship leader who had been there for so many years declared that he was moving to another church and taking his band with him. For the next few months, our church’s youth music program remained rather stagnant, which was the primary reason that an announcement 1
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Smith went out for open auditions for the youth praise band. I had little confidence in my playing abilities at the time, but this was the opportunity for which I had waited. This is the story of how I use my abilities and passion for music to serve others and exceed many people’s expectations in doing so. To fully understand this story, there are a few terms which the reader must be
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P3 - Smith 1 Sam Smith Professor Otto English 1301...

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