HW_13 - P112 Spring 2007 Homework #13 Due: Monday April...

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P112 Spring 2007 Homework #13 Due: Monday April 30th, 2007 – At lecture Reading: 13.5-13.8 Not all concepts will be covered in class – you are responsible for all material in the reading and in the homework problems. Warm-up Exercises: (Answer only will be marked) 1. A 0.150-kg toy is undergoing SHM on the end of a horizontal spring with force constant k = 300 N/m. When the object is 0.0120 m from the equilibrium position, it is observed to have a speed of 0.300 m/s. What is a) the total energy of the object at any point of its motion? b) the amplitude of the motion? c) the maximum speed attained by the object during the motion? 2. See Fig. 13.33 in your textbook. A block of mass M rests on a frictionless surface and is connected to a horizontal spring of force constant k. The other end of the spring is attached to the wall. A second block with mass m rests on top of the first block. The coefficient of static friction between the blocks is μ s . Find the maximum amplitude of oscillation such that the top block will not slip on the bottom block. Mathematics Exercises: 3. For each of the graphs below, write the function x(t) as x(t)=cos(t s -1 + φ ) m, where φ is the “initial phase” of the oscillation. Instructions: You only need to hand in problems in boxes. Please show all of your work – except for “warm-up exercises,” correct answers without full solutions will not receive full marks. You will have points deducted for missing/incorrect units, and writing false statements. You will also loose points for excessive messiness. Please include your name, your TA’s name, and your recitation
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HW_13 - P112 Spring 2007 Homework #13 Due: Monday April...

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