HW_9 - P112 Spring 2007 Homework #9 Due: Friday March 30th,...

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P112 Spring 2007 Homework #9 Due: Friday March 30th, 2007 – At lecture Reading: 8.4-8.6 Not all concepts will be covered in class – you are responsible for all material in the reading and in the homework problems. Warm-up Exercises: (Answer only will be marked) 1. A single-stage rocket is accelerated from rest from a deep-space platform, where gravity is negligible. If the rocket burns its fuel in a time of 0.5 s, and the relative speed of the exhaust gas is 2100 m/s, what must the mass ration m 0 /m be for a final speed of 8.0 km/s? 2. A 20.0 km-projectile is fired at an angle 60.00 above the horizontal and with a speed of 80.0 m/s. At the highest point of the trajectory the projectile explodes into two fragments with equal mass, one of which falls vertically with zero initial speed. Ignore air resistance. a) How far from the point of firing does the other fragment strike (level terrain)? b) how much energy is released during the explosion? Mathematics Exercises: 3 . Solve the equation sin 2 (y)+sin(2y)=0. 4. Draw a graph of y = cos -1 (x) for -2 π <x<2 π Estimation: (Marked based solely on logic) 5. How large would the moon have to be for you to be able to jump off of it? Problems: 6. A helium atom of mass m traveling at an initial speed v 1 collides elastically with an oxygen atom of mass 4m at rest. The helium atom rebounds from the oxygen atom at an angle of 90° with respect to its original direction of motion. (a) Draw a diagram showing the collision—the motions of the two particles before and after the collision. On this diagram, set up x-y coordinate axes, and carefully label the various speeds and angles that describe these motions. (b) What are the final velocities of both atoms
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HW_9 - P112 Spring 2007 Homework #9 Due: Friday March 30th,...

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