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[From Prelim #2, Spring 04] A collision of two bumper cars on a horizontal low friction surface is shown as seen from directly above. Just before the collision, car #1 of mass 150 kg is traveling to the left ( ± ) at 4.0 m/s, while car #2 of mass 250 kg is traveling in a perpendicular
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Unformatted text preview: direction ( ² ) at 2.5 m/s. Just after the collision, car #1 is traveling at 2.0 m/s in #2's original direction. What are the x and y-components of car #2's velocity just after the collision (in m/s)? +x +y 1 2 1 Before After 4.0 m/s 2.5 m/s 150 kg 250 kg 2.0 m/s...
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