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P112Prelim1S06 - Your Name Recitation Instructor's Name...

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Your Name Recitation Instructor's Name: Recitation Section #: Physics 112 March 2, 2006 Prelim Exam #1 7:30 - 9 PM PLEASE BE SURE THIS PACKET HAS 13 PAGES ! ( This includes the cover sheet and a scrap page.) This packet contains 6 Short Answer Questions, 4 Problems, and a page of scrap paper. Write your answers ON THESE QUESTION SHEETS in the spaces provided. For Short Answer Questions 1-6, ONLY ANSWERS WILL BE GRADED, unless calculations or constructions are explicitly requested. For Problems 7-10, where algebra or computations are required, BE SURE YOUR METHOD OF SOLUTION IS CLEAR, and SHOW YOUR WORK in the spaces provided. If you need more space, use the backs of the question sheets and indicate the whereabouts of your work for each question. ANSWERS WITHOUT WORK will NOT receive credit (except for short answer questions). Marks will be deducted for writing false statements, leaving out units, or excessive messiness. WORK ON SCRAP PAPER WILL NOT BE GRADED. Point values for questions are given by each problem and below. The difficulty of the problem is not necessarily reflected in its point value. BUDGET YOUR TIME. Don't spend too much time on any one question or part of a question. Answer those questions you can do easily first, and then return to the more difficult ones. It is valuable use of your time to READ THE ENTIRE EXAM before starting to work on it. You may use any information that is hand written on your 4x6 index card. You may NOT use any other references or personal assistance. You MAY use a NON-GRAPHING calculator. For Grading Only: 1-2 /8 7 /20 3 /6 8 /6 4 /4 9 /18 5 /10 10 /19 6 /9 TOTAL /100
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Your Name 2 SHORT ANSWER [37 points] Only the answer will be graded. You do not need to show any work. For multiple choice, please mark letters of your answers in spaces provided. 1. [3 points] A team of P112 students is bouncing a beach ball [of mass m=0.200 kg] in the lab, taking position data with a sonar ranger. Their computer calculates a graph of velocity versus time. They analyze this graph for the time interval between the first two bounces. For illustration, the graph is shown here. The velocity and slope of the
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P112Prelim1S06 - Your Name Recitation Instructor's Name...

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