Chapter2PracticeQuiz - 1. A) B) C) D) E) Opiate drugs...

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1. Opiate drugs occupy the same receptor sites as: A) acetylcholine. B) serotonin. C) endorphins. D) dopamine. E) epinephrine. 2. The sequence of brain regions from oldest to newest is: A) limbic system; brainstem; cerebral cortex. B) brainstem; cerebral cortex; limbic system. C) limbic system; cerebral cortex; brainstem. D) brainstem; limbic system; cerebral cortex. E) cerebral cortex; brainstem; limbic system. 3. A slap on the back is more painful than a pat on the back because a slap triggers: A) faster neural impulses. B) more intense neural impulses. C) more frequent neural impulses. D) all the above. 4. The peripheral nervous system is to sensory neurons as the central nervous system is to: A) motor neurons. B) neurotransmitters. C) interneurons. D) the sympathetic nervous system. 5. The parasympathetic nervous system ________ digestion and ________ heartbeat. A) accelerates; decelerates B) decelerates; accelerates C) accelerates; accelerates D) decelerates; decelerates 6. An amplified recording of the waves of electrical activity that sweep across the surface of the brain is called a(n): A) CT scan. B) EEG. C) PET scan. D) MRI. Page 1
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7. Research on neurotransmitters indicates that: A) a single synapse generally uses several dozen neurotransmitters. B) neurotransmitters can inhibit neural impulse transmission.
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Chapter2PracticeQuiz - 1. A) B) C) D) E) Opiate drugs...

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