Chapter4PracticeQuiz - 1. For several months following a...

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1. For several months following a sudden and unexpected divorce, Henry was excessively preoccupied with thoughts of his ex-wife. His reaction resulted from the disruption of: A) a critical period. B) habituation. C) accommodation. D) object permanence. E) attachment. 2. The Russian psychologist Vygotsky suggested that children's ability to solve problems is enhanced by: A) basic trust. B) egocentrism. C) inner speech. D) conservation. E) imprinting. 3. In contemporary industrialized societies, adolescence typically begins ________ in life and ends ________ in life than it did in previous centuries. A) earlier; earlier B) later; earlier C) earlier; later D) later; later 4. Most Americans over 65 years of age believe that: A) they suffer fewer health problems than do other people their age. B) they do not have enough money to live on. C) their hearing and vision are just as good as when they were young adults. D) their lives are less satisfying now than when they were adolescents. 5. Which of the following is an example of a secondary sex characteristic? A) female ovaries B) male facial hair C) the male grip D) female height Page 1
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6. Among employed women, the task of raising children is especially likely to be associated with ________ marital satisfaction. The departure of mature children from the home is typically associated with ________ marital satisfaction. A) increasing; decreasing B) decreasing; increasing C) increasing; further increasing D) decreasing; further decreasing 7. According to Piaget, schemas are: A) fixed sequences of cognitive developmental stages.
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Chapter4PracticeQuiz - 1. For several months following a...

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