Chapter12PracticeQuiz - 1. Jeff, who is 14, engages in...

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every day because he wants to master the sport and play on one of the best college teams in the country. His goal and behavior best illustrate the concept of: A) set point. B) drive reduction. C) human factors psychology. D) achievement motivation. E) homeostasis. 2. Destruction of the ventromedial hypothalamus of a rat is most likely to: A) lower its set point for body weight. B) cause it to stop eating. C) lower its blood insulin level. D) facilitate conversion of its blood glucose to fat. 3. With respect to sex research and human values, the text suggests that: A) sexual activity is largely a medical and biological issue, not a moral issue. B) scientific methods prevent sex researchers from being influenced by their own personal values. C) researchers should not reveal their sexual values because sexual standards are a matter of personal taste. D) sex research and education should be accompanied by open consideration of sexual values. 4. Accepting attitudes toward homosexuals are ________ common among men than women and ________ common among those who believe sexual orientation is genetically rather than environmentally determined. A) more; more B) less; less C) more; less D) less; more 5. Gender differences in erotic plasticity are best illustrated by the fact that: A) women experience lengthier refractory periods than do men. B) women's sexual orientation tends to be more changeable than men's. C) women are less likely than men to be equally aroused by male and female erotic stimuli. D) women become aware of their sexual orientation much earlier in life than do men. Page 1
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Chapter12PracticeQuiz - 1. Jeff, who is 14, engages in...

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