Chapter15PracticeQuiz - 1. According to Bandura, reciprocal...

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1. According to Bandura, reciprocal determinism involves multidirectional influences among: A) mind, body, and behavior. B) thoughts, emotions, and actions. C) behaviors, internal personal factors, and environmental events. D) id, ego, and superego. E) learned helplessness, locus of control, and optimism. 2. A psychotherapist instructs Dane to relax, close his eyes, and state aloud whatever thoughts come to mind no matter how trivial or absurd. The therapist is using a technique known as: A) fixation. B) free association. C) reaction formation. D) hypnosis. E) projection. 3. The social-cognitive perspective is least likely to be criticized for neglecting the importance of: A) environmental influences. B) unconscious motives. C) personality traits. D) genetic influences. 4. An individual who perceives an internal locus of control would most likely show signs of a: A) weak id. B) strong id. C) weak ego. D) strong ego. E) weak superego. Page 1
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5. Sheen is usually animated and talkative when he is with his girlfriend, but he is often quiet and reserved at home. He actively participates in many classroom discussions but frequently seems reluctant to talk with friends at the campus coffee shop. According to Walter Mischel, Sheen's behavior should lead us to question the importance of: A) personality traits. B) unconditional positive regard. C) reciprocal determinism. D) defense mechanisms. E) self-efficacy. 6. Dogs strapped into a harness and given repeated and unavoidable shocks developed: A) a fixation.
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Chapter15PracticeQuiz - 1. According to Bandura, reciprocal...

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