midterm 1 spring 2003

Linear Algebra with Applications

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Name: Math 21b Midterm I—Thursday, March 6, 2003 Please circle your section: Thomas Judson Thomas Judson Kalle Karu Eduardo Saverin (CA) Rene Shen (CA) Mark Bandstra (CA) Jakob Topp (CA) Albert Wang (CA) MWF 12-1 MWF 10–11 MWF 11–12 Ken Chung Spiro Karigiannis Nathan Lange (CA) Jeff Berton (CA) TuTh 10–11:30 TuTh 11:30–1 Problem Possible Score Number Points 1 12 2 10 3 12 4 12 5 10 6 11 7 11 8 11 9 11 Total 100 Directions—Please Read Carefully! You have two hours to take this midterm. Pace yourself by keeping track of how many problems you have left to go and how much time remains. you do not have to answer the problems in any particular order, so move to another problem if you find you are stuck or spending too much time on a single problem. To receive full credit on a problem, you will need to justify your answers carefully—unsubstantiated answers will receive little or no credit (except) if the directions for that question specifically say no justification is necessary, such as in the True/False section). Please be sure to write neatly—illegible answers will receive little or
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midterm 1 spring 2003 - Name Math 21b Midterm I-Thursday...

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