Spoken Proficiency - 13:012 QUIZ FOR SPOKEN PROFICIENCY...

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13:012 Q UIZ FOR SPOKEN PROFICIENCY – S TUDENT GUIDELINES Preparation The quiz tests your ability to use the vocabulary and grammar we have learned in a conversational setting. You are not expected to do anything that is different from the topics and structures we have practiced in class and homework assignments. The quiz consists of a simple dialogue on a topic between you and your partner. You should arrange to meet your partner sometime before the quiz and practice talking about each of the topics. Make sure to review the relevant vocabulary and structures for all topics. During the quiz First 2 min – The instructor will ask both students basic questions as a warm up. (For example: Wie geht es dir? Wie ist das Wetter heute? Was machst du gern? ) Next 4-5 minutes – The instructor will ask one of the students to draw a slip of paper with one of the topics written on it from an envelope. The students should then have a conversation about that topic. Both students should ask a minimum of 5 questions and answer a minimum of 5 questions. The instructor will not interrupt the dialog; however, at the end he/she might ask few more questions about the topic. Last 2-4 minutes – the instructor will give you some feedback on the quiz. Grading During the quiz, the instructor will take notes and fill out a grading sheet. The grading sheet with your grade will be handed back to you in class after the quizzes are completed. Each partner will be given a separate grade. If only one partner shows up for the appointment, that
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Spoken Proficiency - 13:012 QUIZ FOR SPOKEN PROFICIENCY...

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