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German 2 - Cultural Exploration 1

German 2 - Cultural Exploration 1 - Cultural Exploration...

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Cultural Exploration: Name:__ Jason Hirschhorn _______ The Wall: The Building and the Destruction of the Berlin Wall This cultural exploration employs a video on reserve in the Language Media Center - 120 Phillips Hall – the call number g0382. You should watch the video in the lab and provide short answers to the following questions. 1 1. Describe the division of Berlin at the end of WWII. Which nations were involved? Berlin was divided into sectors, with each sector being under the control of a different nation. The nations involved were the USSR, USA, Great Britain and France. 2 2. In what ways did the existence of West-Berlin create a particular problem for Communist East Germany’s attempts to become a model communist state? Berlin itself was within the part of Germany occupied by the USSR, so West Berlin represented a non-communist/westernized stronghold that caused Stalin (head of the USSR) to worry about the the West trying to liberate East Berlin as well as East Germany. 3
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