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PAM 223 Consumer in the Market I: Quiz 4 - Answer Key Fall 2004 1. (A) Define the concept of A semantic noise @ in the marketing communication process. A distortion of the encoded message by the consumer = s perceptual processes. (10) (B) What is the difference between a A push @ and A pull @ promotion strategy? Push promotional strategies focus on promotion activity down the line of distribution to members of the marketing chain Pull strategies focus on consumers and creating demand that will A pull: the product through the marketing channel. (10) (C) What is the goal of A pioneering @ advertising? To develop primary demand for a product category rather than demand for a specific brand. (10) 2. (A) What is the difference between A competitive @ and A comparative @ advertising? Competitive focuses on developing selective demand for a specific brand Comparative focuses on specific brand comparisons in the ad and names competing brands (10) (B) Using the Motorola video as an example, explain the concept of
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