Culture Project Part 2

Culture Project Part 2 - hungers for his love and the...

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Culture Project Part 2 Song Analysis The song No Hay Igul by Nelly Furtado can be categorized in a romantic ballad genre with an upbeat club feeling to it. Other songs that can be considered in the same genre include Britney Spears “Crazy” or Jenifer Lopez’s song “Don’t cost a thing”. In No Hay Igul all of the lyrics are in first person and are directed to her lover. In the song Nelly Furtado is basically saying that the love she feels for her significant other can not be equaled and that she loves everything from the way he smells her body, to the way he sings her name and when she’s with him she turns into a lunatic for love. Also the narrator of the song feels that the love between her and her significant other is so intense that when he is with her, the narrator feels that he can ease her pain and raises her up to a higher level. But when her significant other is not around she
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Unformatted text preview: hungers for his love and the feeling of being half empty without him kills her. Spanish Anaylisis En la canción no Heno Igul por Nelly Furtado yo me siento que sueno asigna como muchos otro artista femenino que están en el género pop. Pienso que la canción fue al principio una balada, entonces fue vuelto una canción del baile. Las canciones quieren que esta canción esté "Crazy" por de Britney, "Love Dont Cost A Thing" por Jennifer Lopez y "You Dont Have To call" por Usher. Porque todas las canciones tienen letra de balada de amor con la música optimista. Algunos instrumentos que oigo en la canción, son muchos tambores y la maracas, y hay asigna también del fondo vocal. La canción es la manera es porque es producida por Timberland y casi todas sus canciones tienen un club que siente a ellos....
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  • Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, 2000s singers, 2010s singers, MTV Europe Music Awards winners

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Culture Project Part 2 - hungers for his love and the...

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