The Feminine Image In Sports And Sports Media

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00566491 The Feminine Image In Sports And Sports Media In the Feminine Image in Sports and Sports Media chapter of our Women and Sports in the United States book, the authors Michael Messner, Margaret Duncan, and Kerry Jensen talked about how women’s sports are represented in the media. The first topic that was brought up was why there was little representation of women’s sports on television. This is because of the cycle between television stations and advertisers. The cycle starts with the advertisers, who want to only buy commercial time for there product in slots where the maximum amount of people are watching which is in men’s sports, because of this television stations want to broadcast events on TV that those advertisers are most likely to buy ad slots in. The next topic the authors brought up in this chapter had to do with Gender
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Unformatted text preview: Marketing in Sports. Studies were done in the marketing of both mens and womens basketball and tennis on how gender is marketed in the sport. In both sports there was a higher number of both verbal and graphic marketing when talking about a womens sport. The final topic that the authors discussed was the gendered hierarchy of naming. During a study, it was noticed that when sports broadcasters and media referred to a female or minority athlete there first name was used instead of that athletes full or last name only. Also in women's sporting events there were many instances of referring to the athletes as girls, or young ladies instead of being referred to as women. This hierarchy naming system shows how both consciously and subconsciously the media sees women and minority athletes as groups with less power and privilege....
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