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Olympic Women Chapter Summary

Olympic Women Chapter Summary - 1922 and decided to form...

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00566491 5/11/2009 Olympic Women Chapter Summary In the Olympic women chapter of our Women and Sports in the United States book, Jennifer Hargreaves enlightens the reader on the history of women’s participation or lack there of in the Olympic Games. The chapter starts with the International Olympic Committees foundation in 1894. During the first Olympic Games the President of the IOC Pierre De Coubertin and all of the members of the committee who were all Anglo Saxon males fully denied any right of participation to women. The reason being was that during the early 20 th century it was believed that the Olympic Games should only be for men and not women because a women’s body would be physically unable to handle the stress and strain of sports and that it would greatly affect there ability to reproduce. Because they were continually denied participation in the Olympic games, many female athletes who wanted to compete on an international level met in Monte Carlo in
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Unformatted text preview: 1922 and decided to form the Federation Sportive Feminine Internationale also known as FSFI. Through FSFI women organized the Women’s World Games which was an alternative to the Olympics to women athletes. Over the year’s participation and spectator popularity was exponentially gaining in the Women’s World Games. The popularity of women’s sport was not able to be denied by the IOC any longer and in 1928 women were able to compete in the Olympic Games. But even though women were able to compete in the games they were very limited in the events they were able to compete in. From 1928 and even through today women have fought for the inclusion of more women’s sports and events. Even though women have made great strides and increased the number of 00566491 5/11/2009 women's sports from 4 in 1936 to 24 and 98 events in 1992 there are still less than half the amount of women's sports and events then there are for men....
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