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GLOBALIZATION AND THE AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY Over the years, the agricultural food business has undergone many changes. Prior to the 20 th century, for example, the vast majority of people grew and cultivated their own food. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution came a larger variety of jobs and career opportunities for people. This led to the movement of thousands of people to urban areas where the industries were located. Because of the lack of both land and time to grow food, many people were forced to stop doing so. However, people obviously still required daily food. Therefore, the people that wanted to keep growing food led to the rise of agriculture as an industry. People began operating large farms, keeping some of the food for themselves but distributing most of it to others to make money. Originally this was all done by the growers but as the farms grew, the farmers were unable to sell their own goods anymore. (Heffernan 62) These events eventually led to there being three individual and unique aspects to the agricultural industry – production, distribution, and marketing. (Friedland 174) As with almost every industry on Earth, the agricultural industry has been affected by globalization. However, not all three parts have been affected equally. In fact, the vast majority of globalizing effects have been felt within the distribution segment of the industry. First I would like to clearly define each of the three sectors of the agricultural industry. The production division is the first part of the agricultural chain. This division is limited to the people who actually produce the product. Marketing is the final link in the chain. This includes everybody who is in charge of getting the product to the public. This includes but is not limited to retailers and vendors at every business from the local fruit stand to the giant chain grocery stores all over the country. The link between these two steps is distribution. This step includes
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the companies that help to bring the product from the producers to the marketers. These distribution companies include Chiquita and Dole, two major distributors of fruit and vegetable produce. The divisions are not completely divided; there can be some interaction between them. For example, a distributor can be involved with marketing by placing a company sticker on the product, like when you find a Chiquita sticker on a banana. However, for the most part, they operate separately. Of the three divisions in the agricultural industry, distribution has been the most affected
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