notturno - Notturno was composed in 1973 by Donald Martino....

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Notturno was composed in 1973 by Donald Martino. It is made up of three movements – Libramente, Molto Lento, and Allegrettino. The titles of these movements help to describe the respective musical styles. Libramente begins with a freely flowing sound, and this theme continues throughout the movement, with some highly contrasting themes that will be noted later. Molto Lento is the middle movement and it is played slowly and softly, with few variations from this main style. Allegrettino is the final movement, and it is a fairly fast paced portion of the music, with some variation in certain areas. This paper, however, will focus on the first movement only, with an occasional reference to the other two when necessary. Libramente opens slowly and quietly. However, one of the recurring themes of this movement occurs just a few seconds into it. As the first note continues to drone on, the piercing sound of a piccolo suddenly makes its way into the music. This sound helps to excite and possibly shock the listener. There are many other seemingly random sounds throughout this first movement that help to make the music more exciting and to provide contrast to the freely flowing central theme. Very soon after this piccolo sound, a piano is introduced. It, too, sometimes seems to play at random. Generally throughout the first half of the piece, it only plays a few quick notes at a time. However, these seemingly random contrasting parts help to develop the other parts that
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notturno - Notturno was composed in 1973 by Donald Martino....

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