Music 101 Essay - Throughout history and especially...

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Throughout history, and especially throughout the twentieth century, there have been many pieces of music written that were not wildly popular amongst the public. However, some of these pieces were important over the course of music history, despite their lack of popularity. Many of these pieces were written not to please the public but to allow composers to experiment with various musical techniques, such as rhythm, structure, and tonality. On the other hand, many composers wrote pieces of music that they meant to have been listened to and enjoyed by the public. However, both of these types of music were important, and they both helped to shape today’s world of music. One example of a composer writing music not meant to please the public was Milton Babbitt. Many of his pieces fall under the category of total serialism, which is a type of music where all aspects of the music are strictly controlled. Perhaps his most influential piece, Semi- Simple Variations , was a prime example of this. It is a very short piece, lasting only one minute, but it is an extremely complex piece in which every note, pitch, and rhythm is strictly controlled. Because of its complexity, it was not popular with the general public.
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Music 101 Essay - Throughout history and especially...

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