Our America paper - Our America Life and Death on the South...

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is a story written about living in the projects on the infamous South Side of Chicago. It is told from the perspective of two boys who are growing up there – LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman. It begins when they are young (thirteen years old) and continues through their teen years. It paints a vivid description of life in the ghetto, recounting stories such as the tragic death of Eric Morse, a five-year-old resident of the Ida B. Wells housing project who was dropped to his death from a fourteenth-story window by two older teenaged boys. In addition to this story, it also describes everyday life in the ghetto – telling of the daily struggle to survive and the equally difficult task of one day escaping the drudgery of living in the projects. In the following pages, I will produce a soundtrack that I feel would be appropriate if this story were to be produced as a movie. I will also explain why I feel each song is appropriate for the situation. I feel that an effective way to begin the movie would be to use video depicting everyday life in the projects. As background music to this opening scene, I would use “In The Ghetto”, by Elvis Presley. I feel that this song truly helps to paint a vivid image of everyday life in the ghetto. The lyrics help to describe the utter hopelessness of living there, describing such events as a baby being born and the mother being upset that she has “another hungry mouth to feed”, or the desperation of hopelessness leads that boy, who is now growing up, to “buy a gun, steal a car”. This part also describes the “death” portion of the title, telling the story of the young boy who is shot in the brutal streets of the South Side. The words are also descriptive, helping to paint a vivid image of the projects, including “a cold and gray Chicago morning”, and the young child’s “hunger burns”. The soft, smooth tempo also helps to provide an image of depression and poverty. Elvis himself understands these living
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Our America paper - Our America Life and Death on the South...

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