Measuring Conscious Experience

Measuring Conscious Experience - Measuring Conscious...

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Measuring Conscious Experience 26/03/2008 13:01:00 Attention and Consciousness Attention: direction of focus to certain stimuli in awareness at the expense of  others o Fixed capacity o Can be non-conscious (automatic) or chosen Meta-cognition (thinking about one’s own thinking) Self-reflection “Stream of Consciousness” ( James, 1892) o Every experience seems a part of our consciousness o Consciousness is in constant change o Consciousness seems continuous o Consciousness is selective (attention driven) Sources of Materials Making sense of things o Active – process of labeling and interpreting stimuli Two sources of information (Singer): o External (sights, sounds, other people) o Internal (memories, fantasies, bodily sensations) o Perpetual dilemma of what to focus on Gradient of conscious experience o Fixing a car (external) – Dreaming (internal) Fusing the sources of conscious material
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Measuring Conscious Experience - Measuring Conscious...

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