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ComSt 101 03/03/08 Attraction Filtering Theory - We use a series of filters 1. Sociological/Incidental cues 1. Physical proximity is very key to interpersonal relationship 2. familiarity to the person will lead to attraction 3. takes place before we interact with person 2. Preinteraction cues 1. how people dress 2. how they look 3. artifacts 4. when you meet somebody, you determine if you are compatible prior to interacting 3. Interaction cues 1. when we begin to have conversation with the person 2. if conversation is smooth, it usually leads to higher attraction 4. Cognitive cues 1. the strongest factor in creating a solid long lasting relationship with another person 2. psychological factors such as: 1. see book diagram on filters 3. we tend to filter out people who we don't think we are attracted to. Relationship Development 1. Initiating 1. very beginning stage 2. our relationship is cautious 3. our conversation is cautious 1. favorable impression 2. observe the other person 3. look for ways to open communication channels 2. Experimenting 1. looking for common ground 2. looking for things you both enjoy 3. pathic communication is used 1. small talk conversation 2. conversation is very relaxed 3. we talk ambigously 4. most relationship with people will stop at this stage 3. Intensifying 1. relationship becomes more intense 2. more self-exposure 3. satisfied with the relationship 4. Integrating/secrest tests stage 1. when you become a couple to yourselves and other people 2. two group of friends come together
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3. we tend to share experiences with one another 4. personalize togetherness 1. with a song 5. we have intimacy trophy 1. we may wear our partner's jacket 2. display pictures of one another in office/desk 6. Secret tests 1. indirect suggestion 1. suggest an idea whether the partner likes or dislikes that idea 2. separation test 1. measures level of commitment by having a cool down time 1. breaking up temporarily 3. endurance test
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ComSt_101_mar_03_08 - ComSt 101 03/03/08 Attraction...

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