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ComSt 101 02/18/08 Non Verbal Communication verbal communication is the words, vocal communication is how the words are said. Principles of NVC 1. Is relational 1. we size people up (perception) 2. in the first couple of minutes that we meet someone we decide if we want to have a relationship with that person or not 3. we determine how much we like someone 4. we show how much we like someone 5. person's status can be measured by posture, touch, proximity, 6. we can determine our level of responsiveness (how we respond to another person) based on 1. We look at these to determine how we are going to respond 2. Has communicative value 1. Intentionality 1. focuses on degree of conciousness we use to determine behavior 2. 7% of message 93% of the message we receive is from non verbal communication 2. Is ambigouous 1. women tend to give meaning to NVC more accurately than men do
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Is emotional 1. NVC is always related to emotions 3. Is multichanneled 1. we send messages through our body, voice, appearance, all NVC can have the same message 4. Is culturally bound 1. comes from our culture 2. we communicate culture through non verbal communication 5. Is most believable 1. Non verbal communication is the most believable 2. we always believe the non verbal communication if the body language is conflicting with the message they are trying to send Relationship Between Verbal/NV Behavior 1. Codes work together 1. functions 1. repetition 1. pointing is repeating the message 2. emphasis (accenting) 1. can be done by gestures or voice 2. giving emphasis 3. complementation 4. contradiction (kinesic slips) 1. when verbal message contradicts NV message 2. Sarcasm is a good example...
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ComSt_101_feb_18_08 - 3. Is emotional 1. NVC is always...

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