Lab06 - AOS 311 Lab 6 The Weather Model Grid Resolution...

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AOS 311 Lab 6 – The Weather Model: Grid Resolution Objective: Gain appreciation for the limitations imposed on a grid-model when attempting to simulate the behavior of a continuous fluid. Observe the effect of grid resolution on model variables. Motivation: One of the core complications of a weather model is the way in which information is processed on a grid. The real atmosphere is a continuous fluid, and therefore it cannot be represented as a set of discrete points. Yet this is the way most computer forecast models simulate the weather. Specifically, derivatives cannot be represented on a discrete grid. The center difference approximation (CDA) is used to estimate the value of derivatives, hopefully within a tolerable amount of error. Assignment: The assignment for this lab includes GEMPAK and MATLAB: PART 1 – GEMPAK Exercise This exercise is simply comparing plots of 500 hPa vorticity and geopotential heights between two different grid resolutions. This is also the first GEMPAK exercise where I don’t tell you exactly what the parameters are. However, I will give you some suggestions. Use GDPLOT to create the following plot: Vorticity (fill pattern) at 500 hPa and geopotential heights (contoured) at 500 hPa for 00Z 07 March 2008. Use the data file: /labdata/data/gemdata/hds/08030700_eta211.gem
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This lab report was uploaded on 03/27/2008 for the course ATM OCN 311 taught by Professor Deweaver during the Spring '08 term at University of Wisconsin.

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Lab06 - AOS 311 Lab 6 The Weather Model Grid Resolution...

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