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Instructions for using the portable aneroid barometer AOS 330 Prof. Petty Aneroid barometers come in many Favors. Some are wall-mounted. Others are portable. The aneroid barometer we will use in this class is portable, and the following instructions apply to this particular instrument only. 1. In order to read accurately, the barometer must be placed on a Fat, level surface. The bubble window indicates whether it is level. If necessary, level the barometer by placing some kind of padding (e.g. paper towels) under the low side. 2. Locate the small window marked with a plus and minus sign. There is a ±ne needle in this window, and there is a mirror behind the needle. Your job will be to center the needle (see further directions below ±rst). In order to read the position of the needle accurately you need to avoid look at it at an angle. This is why the mirror is there: when the needle is exactly lined up with its own reFection, you know you are looking at it dead-center. 3. Turn the large metal knob in the center of the barometer face slowly counterclockwise
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