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AOS 311 Lab 1: Hand Analyses Objective: Perform a hand analysis of surface data for 1800Z 21 January 2008. Provide a plot of sea level pressure and a surface streamline analysis. Motivation: Performing a hand analysis of observed data is a skill that should be regularly practiced by any atmospheric scientist. Besides allowing you to familiarize yourself with a data set, as well as with a technique that has been a hallmark of weather forecasting since synoptic observations have been available, hand analyses allow you to exercise a fundamental skill that would otherwise be lost in the age of computer mapping programs: constructive cheating (or scientific scrutiny, if you prefer). Weather observations present a challenge to forecasters in that observations don’t always perfectly reflect what we would expect to see given the governing dynamics. This is especially true in regions where orography can play a large role in the observations (e.g. the Rocky Mountains). Through constructive cheating, the forecaster can ignore problematic data points to
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