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MAJOR Course Objectives Relevant to the Final Everything on the study guides for the two midterms remains fair game. Note that the final will be something like a combination of a third midterm (covering new material since the second midterm) plus a comprehensive overview of the whole semester. Study early, study efficiently, study systematically. While reading the printed notes (and reviewing your own written notes), highlight key points and try to guess what kinds of questions I could ask about them. And then answer them. Get enough sleep between now and your finals. Staying up late to study has been shown to make test scores worse, on average, than not studying as much. Time management is the key. When you take the exam remember the following: (1) The solution to my numerical problems is usually not complicated. If it seems complicated, you're probably overlooking something. (2) Your answer must make physical and dimensional sense in order to get full credit. If it doesn't, pointing out that you realize something is wrong
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This test prep was uploaded on 03/27/2008 for the course ATM OCN 330 taught by Professor Petty during the Fall '07 term at Wisconsin.

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