communications notes - 9/13/07 lecture- communications Why...

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9/13/07 lecture- communications Why was Tom Paine an abolitionist so early on? Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, England the son of a Quaker corset stay maker. His mother was an Anglican, and Paine later attributed this combination of Quaker and Anglican for giving him his philosophies and views. What is framing? A news frame is the dominant definition of the news. Frames represent the power to dominate the definition of what has happened and what it meant. To do that, they exclude and silence other versions. That is what the abolitionist era was about: a struggle to frame slavery. Timeline -Here we see two issues entwined: Slavery and woman suffrage. A third would be American imperial aggression here aginst Mexico. What else was happening in the West in 1848- The idea of the republican state governed by popular sufferage was still brand new in Europe: 1846-1849: Economic depression was spread throughout Europe. It was marked by rising food prices after a poor harvest and the recession that followed the industrial expansion in the early 1840s. European revolutions ao democratic conflicts were happening in: Germany (the Rhineland) Democratic revolutions or actions for popular manhood suffrage take place in: Hungary, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, and Venice. March, 1848: 600 delegates meet in Frankfurt in a pre-parliamentary assembly and called for a universal manhood suffrage election to form a national assembly to govern a unified Germany. ( May, 1848 — Austrians gained universal manhood sufferage.
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May, 1848: As unwilling parts of the Hungarian Republic, the Croats, Czechs, and Rumanians begin to demand a similar autonomy as that granted to Hungary. November, 1848: Appointed Prime Minister of the Papal States Pelligrino Rossi is assassinated and the pope flees to Genoa. The Romans take this opportunity to declare the Roman Republic. Historical context (cont.)- What changed in Europe in 1848 to make democracy possible? The Hapsburg Empire ended when Hungary declared independence from Austrian
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communications notes - 9/13/07 lecture- communications Why...

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