HISTORY+2057 - HISTORY 2057 Reconstruction 1) Post Civil...

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Unformatted text preview: HISTORY 2057 Reconstruction 1) Post Civil War Situation a) South i) 260000 men killed, 100,000s other wounded, widows, economic ruin ii) Many large cities destroyed iii) Major industries destroyed, infrastructure ruined iv) Entire basis of economy (slaves, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane) gone v) Currency of confederacy is worth nothing, all the banks closed their doors vi) Conquered nation, @ complete mercy of US government b) North i) Bitter about fighting bloody war (340,000 troops killed, 38,000 African Americans) ii) Industry expanded and boomed iii) Total control of federal government-raised tariff on imports (South is totally opposed) iv) Create national bank and currency based in the north 2) Post Civil War Issue a) Political i) Will the other states join the union again ii) How much power should the federal government have? iii) What should happen to the southern political leaders? b) Economic i) Hows the south going to recover? ii) Whats going to happen to the 4,000,000 ex-slaves c) Racial i) White southerners want to know how to control 4,000,000 ex-slaves 3) Presidential Reconstruction (1865-1867) a) Requirements on south i) Lincolns plan (1) 10 % of white population has to pledge alliance to the US and the state is back in the union (2) 13 th amendment passed (outlaws slavery) (a) Any state that takes 10 % oath has to ratify amendment (3) Creates freedmans Bureau (helps Freed slaves) (a) Helps negotiate contracts and such (b) 1000 men trying to look after 4,000,000 ii) Johnsons plan (1) White southerners need to take an oath to the USA to get you property and rights back (2) Wealthy Southerners and high ranking CSA officials had to go to DC to ask for pardon (3) Appoints Governors for all Southern states (a) State write new state constitutions and ratify 13 th amendment (b) Cancel confederate debts (4) Each state had to denounce secession b) White Souths Response i) Not Happy @ all even though it couldnt have been easier ii) Refused to believe it had done anything wrong (refuse to pass recession ordinance) (1) Passed a set of laws called black codes (designed to control African American) (2) Vagrancy Laws (proof of employment required or you could be thrown in jail) iii) They want freedmens bureau gone iv) Completely committed to white supremacy c) Republicans in Congress Respond i) Renew Freedmens Bureau ii) Passes Civil Rights act of 1866 (Counter black codes) (1) Says if you were born in the US you are a Citizen, also gives equal rights under the law iii) Passes 14 th amendment, same as civil rights act of 1866 iv) Federal government becomes ultimate enforcer of civil rights v) Bars high ranking confederate officials from holding office vi) Has to ratify 14 th amendment before a state becomes a part of the union d) Johnson and the Souths Reaction i) Johnson started pulling troops out of military districts (1) Tenure of office act says you cant remove military officials without approval 4) Congressional Reconstruction (1867-1877)...
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HISTORY+2057 - HISTORY 2057 Reconstruction 1) Post Civil...

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