Poli 100 Lec 13

Poli 100 Lec 13 - o State of the Union Address Sets the...

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Presidential Powers II “Head of Government” Powers Administrative Powers Appointments o Becoming more politicized o Bush nomination, 1991 Clarence Thomas accused of sexual harassment Executive Powers Constitution says that the executive powers go to president o Presidents have generally interpreted this to mean that they have certain powers Powers: o Executive order- presidential directive that carries the weight of law even though it is not enacted by congress o Executive privilege- right to deny congress information at request on the grounds that the activities of the executive branch must be kept secret US. v. Nixon, 1974 – Blackwater Privileged communication is legitimate But executive privilege cannot be invoked in a criminal investigation Legislative Powers Inform and Persuade o Must tell congress about issues that are important
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Unformatted text preview: o State of the Union Address Sets the agenda o Speechmaking • Initiate Legislation o Set the agenda in terms of actual policy and laws o However, congress must sponsor and vote on the laws o So the president cannot make his own laws o LBJ • Legislative Veto o President looks to the president to sign laws into existence President’s Resources • appointments • Cabinet • White house staff • Executive office of pres Other resources • Informal: Reputation • Use of media Presidential Popularity What makes great presidents? • Criteria for judgement • Presidential character o JD Barber’s Typology o Classifications of presidents o Criticism of typology • Force of circ umstances o S. Skowronek...
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Poli 100 Lec 13 - o State of the Union Address Sets the...

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