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Poli 100 Lec 2 - -Minor premise o Several grievances...

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Moving to revolution - Limits on the power of the crown - Divided Power - Recognition of Basic Rights Causes of Revolution - Taxation w/o representation - Some practices that weren’t agreed with July 4 th , 1776 – Declaration of Independence signed Thomas Jefferson - Continental Congress assigned Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, et al to write the Declaration - Jefferson’s contribution: o Commonplace ideas o Uncommon lyrical prose o He did less thinking and more writing; goal-oriented o Some of his writing was edited before it was signed - Should his personal life matter?? - What if…? Stuff that was edited out of the Constitution o Originally blamed George III(King of England) for the slave trade o Taken out because of southern states, northern states agreed Philosophic Foundations of DOI - Basic, Inalienable rights exist - Consent of the governed to be subject to governing - Right to rebel The Document - Major premise o Government is for the people to secure their rights
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Unformatted text preview: -Minor premise o Several grievances against the former government-Conclusion o America had the right to rebel Legacy of Declaration-A radical revolution? o Not really in the economic sense, but in the political sense it is because it was a new thought that people could choose who they were governed by-An experiment in democracy o Everyone was looking at America to see if the implementation of these ideas would work out -Significance as a founding document o Not considered as strong of a founding doc because of the lack of statement of equality Gettysburg-Battle of ended with over 50,000 people killed/wounded/missing; equal to Vietnam war but only 3 days long-Speech: changed how we viewed the constitution-Elevated the Declaration to be more important than Const-Established equality as a central principle...
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Poli 100 Lec 2 - -Minor premise o Several grievances...

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