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Poli 100 Lec 4 - Democracy o Pro: More access points and...

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Poli 100 Lecture 4 Notes Federalism- division of power between the strong unified central gov’t and states No branch of gov’t gets its power from another branch Why did we end up with federalism? Articles of Confederacy did not really work out with the people Other alternatives had been exhausted Federalism gave more balance to the gov’t; strong central body to balance states’ rights Pros and Cons Dealing with diversity o Pro: Permits diversity and diffusion of power o Con: Hinders truly national solutions and policies
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Unformatted text preview: Democracy o Pro: More access points and local governments are closer to the people o Con: Low visibility and lack of popular control Policy Solutions o Pro: Encourages innovation and experimentation o Con: Spillover effects and competition Decision Makikng o Pro : fewer dissatisfied citizens with decentralized decision=making o Con: Lack of protection for minorities and other disadvantaged peoples Issue 14 th Amendment Facts:...
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